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    A Brazil focus on employment provides a depth of knowledge and strength in experience.
    BMC can draw on a broad range experience to ensure ongoing developments are efficiently integrated into its core operations. In addition to international expertise a strong core of Brazilian nationals add local knowledge and experience to our management team.

    What We Do

    BMC is a producer of high quality manganese ore. Our extensive reserves are close to the heartland of one of Brazil’s largest agricultural industries, soybeans. BMC is able to produce a continuous supply of quality ore to this market. In fact all of Brazil’s agricultural industry can depend on our locally produced high quality manganese to transform depleted soil into a fertile base for domestic and export crops.
    We are taking a careful and conservative approach to developing this resource. By ensuring the security of supply of high quality manganese for domestic markets, we are proudly helping Brazil develop sustainable industries in agriculture, steel, health and new technologies.


    BMC is a joint venture between Ferrometals BV and TSX.V Cancana Resource Corporation. Founded in December 2013, Ferrometals is a special purpose investment vehicle for The Sentient Group. Sentient’s funds are created from a global pool of institutional investors with an interest in successfully developing global mining resources. The BMC joint venture enabled Cancana to move from explorer to producer, leveraging its exploration investments for a share in the establishment a mining company with full production capability.

    Since the beginning of 2014, Ferrometals has acquired the mining company Eletroligas with its production infrastructure, and further invested in additional mining leases held by Rio Madeira. By consolidating these investments in BMC, Ferrometals delivers the joint venture assets, infrastructure and operational capability to increase production of high quality manganese ore. BMC intends to provide a regular supply of high quality manganese to meet demand from Brazil’s local agricultural markets and support growth in Brazil’s steel and export markets.