• manganese


    Manganese is a chemical element represented by the letters Mn. It is often found in association with iron and many other minerals but is not found as a free element. Manganese has vital implications for health as it is involved as a cofactor with many different enzymes and their functions. It is an essential trace element for all known living organisms and plays a key role in the photosynthetic functions of plants.

    For manufacturing processes, manganese is essential for iron and steel production and acts as an alloying agent for aluminium, increasing aluminium’s resistance to corrosion. It is also is used in the manufacture of new generation batteries, and in glass manufacture.

    BMC is providing the Brazilian fertilizer industry a continuous, locally sourced supply of high-grade manganese. The manganese content of fertilizer products enables farmers to balance manganese-depleted land and produce high value legume crops like soybean.