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    Press Release – May 2015

    Aerial surveys have begun

    Helicopter surveys of BMC mining tenement has begun. Over the next two months large amounts of data will be processed to give our geology team a better understanding of the location of potential manganese sites within the tenement.

    The aerial survey is planned to cross our tenements with long traverses spaced 100m apart, however weather conditions could complicate this linear approach resulting in the helicopter moving in a more random fashion. BMC have made every effort to minimise disturbances and will continue to work closely with all stakeholders within the flight path area, to ensure these surveys have a minimal impact.

    Press Release – February 2015

    The rainy season has arrived. However, US$300,000 spent on major safety upgrades, equipment at both processing plants and a quality assurance programme has delivered necessary improvements. A testing regime focused on samples of material taken from individual truckloads of material is being tested at SGS laboratories in Belo Horizonte. Using XRF techniques SGS has been able to independently verify the purity and grade of these ore deliveries. Test results from 118 samples indicate an average manganese grade of 53% with more assays to be done to confirm the final result.
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    November 18th 2014

    A group of high achieving six grade high school students were awarded a school organised tour of the BMC plant. They were able to meet and talk with meet with the General Manager, Mr Mike Bennett during the site tour.