• vision


    Brazil needs manganese to nurture its agriculture industry, supply its steel industry and enable the development new technologies in power storage. Our aim is to help Brazil become self-sufficient. We will produce a constant supply of high quality manganese ore to meet the specifications and needs of current and future Brazilian industries.

    “Brazil Manganese Corporation intends to be Brazil’s primary source of superior quality manganese ore. Our aim is to support Brazil’s agriculture industry by providing manganese of superior specifications as required by the national fertilizer market and recognized as a constant and reliable supplier to the steel and export markets.”

    Anthony Julien
    CEO Brazil Manganese Corporation

    Why Manganese ?

    Manganese is an essential micronutrient necessary for the healthy growth of all crops. One of Brazil’s major export crops is soybean, a legume that requires a plentiful supply of manganese. Unfortunately, soybean is often grown in manganese-depleted soil making it essential for a readily available supply of manganese to guarantee quality and consistency of crop.
    From soybean producers to dairy farmers, BMC’s locally produced manganese will play a significant role in maintaining a healthy Brazilian agricultural industry.
    Our aim is to deliver a dependable supply of high quality manganese ore that will meet the needs of a robust domestic agricultural market as well as support Brazil’s steel and export industries.

    The high quality of BMC manganese ore will also enhance the profitability of Brazil’s exports, supporting agriculture, steel and new technology industries globally.